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I am so happy and lucky to have Denise Lawler working with me for my sister Rena. Denise has done a great job in finding the right people to work with my sister Rena. I am so grateful for all of Denise's help, she is always available and always trying to solve any issues that arise.

As an outcome my sister Rena now has two amazing ladies from your company that she looks forward to seeing on a weekly basis that take her out in the community to do all the things she loves and I really have to thank Denise for making this happen. I am so pleased that my sister is happy and that makes the whole family happy.

It really makes a huge difference having people that really care about kids with special needs and try to service their individual needs.

Please let Denise know she is really amazing and we appreciate all her hard work.

Pauline Prokopiou


Anyone who knows me, knows that I believe Denise is the most thoughtful, empathetic, and caring person in my life (and probably the world). She has devoted her time and energy to helping others throughout her career. She has worked so hard for as long as I have known her, and has recently decided to take her career in a brave and exciting new direction.

In a sector that is increasingly about making a killer profit, Denise has established a Support Coordination service that ensures that people come first. If you, or anyone else you know, has an NDIS plan and is looking for a Support Coordinator who is supportive, professional, and most importantly genuinely cares about participant outcomes- then look no further than Absolute Support Coordination. I can honestly tell you that Denise won't let you down.

Congratulations Denise Lawler. I am so proud of you.

Olivia Chung

I have known Denise for 7 years. She was the coordinator for all my aged and disability clients I supported both at home and in the community.
The feedback I have received over the years from every client has been very overwhelming. Denise has always listened to clients' needs and has organised their funding accordingly. 
The key aspects here is that Denise always goes above and beyond, listens to her clients' needs and "choices" and goes out of her way to ensure EVERY client is happy. 
In my experience, Denise does follow-ups with clients to ensure they are satisfied with their services and if there is any change in circumstances, Denise attends to these promptly. 
She is definitely one in a million!!!!!!!!

Sandra Alessi

Support Worker

I have had the pleasure of working with Denise Lawler the owner of Absolute Support Coordination - her commitment to her clients is second to none. Please consider Absolute Support Coordination if you're looking for NDIS assistance for yourself, family or people you have worked with. Congratulations on the launch Denise !!!

Alicia Bairle


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